When it comes to chips implanted under the skin, either we are talking about a simple database that contains essential details about a person, or we are talking about really important information (such as a person’s medical condition, essential in case of emergency ) There is always a reaction of fear and especially of resistance due to the fact that people do not really understand what it is about.

I admit that I don’t know much either, but the idea is a good one. First of all, these devices (chips or as we want to call them, electronic, digital implants, etc.) are the perfect solution for a better world, because they can prevent certain less pleasant events and make our lives easier. They can replace the identity card, the health card, the credit card and a database with the person’s history regarding, for example, conflicts with the law.

However, let’s move on, these chips could be equipped with GPS systems, microphones, can contain sensors that monitor heart rate, blood pressure, body temperature and maybe even blood sugar. This information is useful, as it can signal to the authorities if something is wrong. You may be wondering why I also specified the microphone (“how can someone listen to me, what am I talking about?”)? The answer is simple: not everyone is so friendly and some may plan things, such as committing crimes. In a few key words, these problems can be prevented by the authorities, who can intervene in time to prevent a not exactly orthodox deed. The microphone, even if it is turned on permanently, is listened to and recorded only when it detects certain words. The GPS is also useful in this case because this way you will know exactly where these people are. In fact, GPS also has the utility of finding missing or wanted people.

If people are aware that they are being monitored, out of fear, over time they will give up committing deeds not exactly in line with the level of civilization worthy of the 21st century. In time people may give up these chips, but then they will already be in a way re-educated and less prone to bad things.