All dialogues come with audio support. Dialogues are meant to exercise usual expressions in German, including greetings. Use the play button to hear the pronunciation of words or expressions. Study this dialogues and imagine yourself in different situations (build your own dialogues). Learn the basic greetings: guten Morgen (good morning), guten Tag (have a nice day), guten Abend (have a nice evening), gute Nacht (good night), see you later (Aufwiedersehen). Learn to use the polite pronoun “Sie”, learn to introduce yourself, get and give directions towards a destination, basic expressions and dialogues at the bakery, at restaurant or at the train station and many more.

Introduce yourself

How do I get there…?


At the bakery

At the restaurant

The party

The birthday party 

At the train station

Friends meet each other 

Make sure you also explore the Beginners and the Grammar sections.

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