Today I propose a new experiment. It is a futuristic vision of how we can live in harmony with what nature has to offer us, understanding by this that we can exploit the energy of nature in such a way that we do not destroy it. Such examples of energy sources are for example solar energy, wind energy, kinetic energy of water (hydro power plant) and nuclear energy. These come to my mind for now, there are probably others. Some of these energy sources are safe and clean, but for example the nuclear one can become unstable and has a contaminating effect.
What if we could for example extract the energy of a tree while it is still alive?

Here’s an exercise of imagination:

If we insert a copper electrode into the trunk of the tree and an iron electrode into the ground, connecting the two electrodes to a voltmeter (or multimeter), we will see a potential difference of several volts.
If we could manage to connect several such systems in parallel, we could collect enough energy to power a mobile device or maybe even a luminaire made up of one or more LEDs. This system would be extremely useful and would be part of any hiking kit.
I have attached an image, which indicates the theory behind this idea.

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