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 Explore these articles to get accommodated with German. All lessons include audio support.

Learn to introduce yourself in German in the "Dialogues" section where you can find other expressions in different situations such as: at the bakery, in the restaurant, at a party, birthday party or at the train station.

You also learn how to express yourself naturally  when you want to receive or give instructions on how to reach a particular destination or if you meet a friend.

In the "Beginners" section you will find some articles that will be useful especially if you have a minimal knowledge of German. Here you can find the German language alphabet with audio support and examples of words to listen to the pronunciation of each letter and the vocal groups. Here, among other things, you will have the opportunity to learn to count and express any number in German plus other articles for you to get used to the basic notions of German expression: greetings, family members, colors, fruits, vegetables, means of transport, buildings etc.

Learn while reading and listening at the same time under the "Hörverstehen" section. Here you will find a complete set (30 articles), texts to read and listen to all the letters of the German alphabet with sentences and phrases translated into English, all with audio support. It is a very good Hörverstehen communication exercise. - this section is still under development

In order to express you correctly in German, you need to have German grammar notions, for this you will find the "Grammar guide" section very useful, where, among other things, you will learn to identify gender of nouns, to conjugate verbs at all times, to use adjectives correctly, integrate nouns in various cases, declensions of personal pronouns, declensions of the definite articles (der, die, das), declensions of the indefinite articles (ein, eine, ein), prepositions that come with certain cases, etc.

The "Useful" section is available for you to find various things in German such as historical events, notions of medicine, grammar notions, and more, this is the section where new articles will be posted. - still in development

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