As I said in a previous article, there are things in this world that seem incredible, some are really pure fiction, others are deceptive and of course some are serious things, such as this imaginary project made by me and which I do not even know if it works, I haven't gone to materialize it.
I have attached a drawing that resembles the simple "phosphor photovoltaic charger" from another post, but differs from it in that we can also use the light emitted by the LED inside, "escaped" through a hole that can for example, charge a small photovoltaic cell.
How does this device work? The basic idea is to extend the service life of the entire electronic system.
infinite light source, infinite light source device
Perpetual light source, do it your self infinite light source
The supercapacitor or rechargeable battery is pre-charged and inserted into the circuit. Ignore the diode (6) because there is no point in explaining what it does, since it does exactly what it needs to do. The LED (5) illuminates both the photovoltaic cell and the phosphorescent plate, the light is absorbed by the photovoltaic cell both from the LED and from the phosphorescent plate, which re-emits the absorbed light. At the base of this system is a slot through which "lost" light can eventually be reused by exposing another smaller photovoltaic panel.
Remember that this device is a simple exercise of imagination and I can not guarantee, if it works in reality or not.