Remote control of a mouse | Sci-Fi Blog

You may be wondering why someone would do such a thing. Is it of any use?
Find out the answer by reading this article until the end.
1. We need a live mouse
2. A pair of audio micro-headphones with Bluetooth connection
3. A device equipped with a Bluetooth transceiver that is able to run a program or application

I don't know if you've ever encountered the notion of 3D or even 8D sound. This is exactly what I will write about in the following lines. 8D sound actually means the perception of sound, having as source not only left and right (stereo), but from any angle, even 270 degrees. Some of you may have had the opportunity to experience this type of surround sound with a single pair of headphones. If you don't understand exactly what it's about, you can search on YouTube for videos with 8D or 3D sound (as they are called), you really have the impression that the sound source surrounds you.

This type of sound can be generated by the audio player installed on the device.
If you have the freedom to generate ultrasound covering the area of ​​380 degrees, you can trick the mouse to move as you want (as if you were guiding the main character in a 3D video game)

If you make a sound in the headset on the right, the mouse will get scared and run to the left and vice versa. Imagine now that you can guide the mouse at will, even forward, if the sound is manipulated in this way to create the perception that it comes from somewhere behind (a thing which is achievable).

The program or application has a virtual lever that guides the mouse depending on the location (virtual) of the sound source.

What's the use of "guiding an innocent mouse like that"?
The mouse can be equipped with a video camera and an LED (and a watch battery), I do not recommend anyone to do what I will tell because it is completely immoral and secondly "it's not nice to do such a thing":
- for espionage purposes
If you have a Bluetooth transmitter / receiver that covers, say, an area of ​​100 square meters, you can spy on just about anything, especially if you equip your mouse with a microphone. However, I recommend that you do not spy on anyone!

If I have clarified that espionage is stupid, such a mouse can become extremely useful in some cases, something like: the collapse of a building. After the collapse of a building, we all know that there are survivors who must be found as soon as possible. A central computer can send more mice to locate the survivors, so that they (the survivors) can be saved.

Mice can be equipped with thermal micro cameras (I think there is such thing) so finding people who are still alive is easier. It also comes to my mind that mice could be equipped with an ultrasound transmitter and receiver which with the help of a program on the central computer is able to create a three-dimensional map of all the spaces where a mouse passed.