Reprogramming the brain’s electrical activity – reversal of ageing

The purpose of this article is to get an insight about what could be done with the help of radio waves, regarding the human brains electrical activity.
It is about the reprogramming of the human brain's electrical activity. This process may or may not work, in any case it remains a pretty interesting theory to think about.
It is an experiment in the theory stage, in the sense that no such device has been materialized yet.
Main idea:
If we could record the electrical activity of the brain, we will also monitor the process by which it ages, not just the brain, but the whole human body. We can try to record the electrical activity of the brain in the form of electromagnetic waves and invert them (with the help of software), sending them back to the brain.
We need a radio wave transmitter that goes through the brain and is "disturbed" by the brain's activity, eventually being received by a receiver. The receiver notifies all the changes made to the harmonic radio waves and records the "anomalies".

This transmitter-receiver system can be placed on the head of the tested person for several months.
The next step is to reverse (through a program) the way the waves propagate, practically from the end to the beginning. Thus we can stimulate the brain (at least in terms of electrical activity) to regenerate and reverse the aging process throughout the body. Basically the brain "fools" the body that it needs to regenerate.
Another hypothesis would be a subject under development, recording the brains activity of the subject and inserting the recorded waves in the brain of a person suffering from a disease who needs his/her cells and tissues (even whole organs) to regenerate.
Below you have an image to make an impression of how such a device could work.